Art To Feed The Soul

Painters and chefs have more in common than you might think. Both of them, at the core, are artists – they experiment with different colors, pairings, textures and surfaces to express themselves in unique ways. And, just as a wonderful dish from an accomplished chef can feed both the mind and body, so can a wonderful painting. Yes, art can literally feed the soul!

The more time that you spend painting, the more that you will realize that culinary art is a similar form of art that all of us enjoy. A chef working in a restaurant is responsible for skillfully preparing meals that are as pleasing to the mouth as to the eye. Chefs decorate their meals by expressing themselves. They mix, paint and color their meals, much like an artist.

Cooking a meal is artwork. A chef must have imagination and passion.

Cooking a meal is artwork. A chef must have imagination and passion. They use tools just as artist to create a beautiful and tasteful dish. No wonder so many people post photos of their meals on social networks like Instagram! Food can be enjoyed on so many levels, thanks to its wonderfully evocative visual qualities.

As a painter, you should be thinking in the same way. You are not just experimenting with new brushes, surfaces and colors – you are expressing yourself in a way that will nourish the mind and soul of anyone who views your artwork. If they are in a state of sorrow or despair, your painting may lift their spirits. If they have forgotten how wonderful and diverse the world really is, your painting is a way for them to explore unknown worlds and reconnect with their deepest emotions and feelings.

Once you have experienced this as a painter, you can transfer those same skills and mindset to your culinary endeavors. Abstract artist Floy Ealy Edjole explains how her bold approach to the use of color while painting has influenced the way she now prepares meals in the kitchen: “I appreciate the visual of vegetables and fruits on display at the market. It inspires me to cook and eat healthier…it’s all about presentation.”

The choice of color, the interplay of colors, and the pairings of color – they all are just as important in cooking as in painting. “When I prepare a meal, I color coordinate my dishes. I especially love the appearance of a taco with green lettuce, red tomatoes, and orange/yellow cheese, topped with white sour cream. Food is meant to look enticing and artsy for our guilty pleasure,” says Edjole.

If you take a closer look at Floy Ealy Edjole’s abstract paintings, it’s easy to see why color is so important to the way she seeks to nourish and feed the soul. Her vibrant colors, lines and shapes can help people feel connected, happy and hopeful. They help viewers find new meanings and new associations.

Indeed, the gift of art is a gift for the soul. Whether it’s painting or the culinary arts, there is something that these artists have in common – they are searching for a way to feed both mind and body, to take people on a journey of exploration that will let them feel and experience new thoughts, tastes and emotions.


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