A quick guide to great DIY fingernail art

With fingernail art, artistic inspiration is right at your fingertips. Literally. On YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, it’s now easy to find amazing examples of fingernail art – not just simple lines and swirls, but also intricate flowers, birds and even Disney pop art characters.
To get started with nail art, you only need a few simple tools that you can purchase at your local beauty supply store – at least two different nail polish colors, some nail polish remover and a nail striper brush for creating intricate details and fine lines. As you get more advanced, you may want to head to your local craft store and pick up some glitter, crystals or other materials to create a unique 3D effect on your nails.
It’s best to start off with simple patterns and designs. One simple idea is to paint your nails a simple base color, wait for them to dry, and then use the nail striping brush to create areas on your nails to fill in with a second color (triangles are the easiest to create). From two-color nail art, you can then move on to three-color nail art.
You can also go to your local office supply store and find sticker shapes that you can apply to parts of your nails. Circles work particularly well. You can then paint over these stickers with a second nail color and wait for them to dry. When you then pull off the stickers, you’ll have fun shapes underneath.
Maybe you’ll want to experiment with other textures and effects from there. For example, you could use a simple toothpick and a new nail polish color to create tiny dots on your nails. Or you could add glitter to really glam up your fingernails.
What’s so much fun about nail art is that it’s so easy that just about anyone can do it. And you don’t need any expensive materials. Plus, with each design you try out, you literally have ten different chances to get the design just perfect – one chance for each of your ten nails!
While you can think of this as just a fun weekend DIY art project, it also can help you become a better painter when you decide to create your next masterpiece on canvas. You’ll become better at learning how to use lines and color to create different types of patterns, and you’ll learn the basics of how to create very intricate, detailed effects within very small spaces.
Best of all, you’ll open up new insights into how the true masters create figures that appear to move through space – it all starts with very basic lines and some back knowledge of factors like perspective and lighting.
If you’re still not sure about how to begin, just go to YouTube and type in “Easy Nail Art for Beginners” and you’ll find all kinds of brief tutorials. With each new season – such as summer and fall - you can experiment with new colors and themes. Some people like to create unique nail art around the holidays – whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Don’t be afraid to get started – there’s no right or wrong when it comes to fingernail art, and once you get a few compliments from some of your friends, you’ll be inspired to try out your tiny nail art designs on an even bigger canvas!