The Drone Art

With the rising number of emerging new media particularly on the digital world, it is no wonder that art will eventually transcend through these media which is now widely used as a vehicle to create art. With new media technologies such as computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, interactive art, and even 3D printing, these forms of art are attributed through its main core – the digital technology. Another emerging art form that is being derived from the digital technology is drone art. This method of art is a mixture of a number of technologies – from digital, mechanical and electronic technologies. There are several media performed that are categorized as drone art. It can be art through spray painting, through light trails, as well as visual arts through photo captures using a drone.

Drone Art through spray painting is performed using a spray paint can that is attached to a drone. The complexity of manoeuvring the drone while the paint is being sprayed to create the desired graphics let alone is a form of art which usually depicts abstract and freestyle art. This type of drone art are usually performed by contemporary painters (particularly the abstract painters, in one way or the other) who wants to broaden their capabilities in creating art using different kinds of media.

The Drone Art using light trails is a more complex technology in creating this type of drone art. This is usually performed during night time where light coming from the drone is much more visible. To record the light trails, a video capture or a camera on long exposure mode shall be used. This in turn will create visually appealing images of colourful lights coming from the manipulated motions of the drone. This can be challenging though as replication of the same art can be very difficult under these circumstances.

Photo captures from a drone is a simpler way of drone art and is one of the more popular method of drone art. It is performed by attaching a camera on a moving drone. The attached camera will be remotely triggered on the desired area where the drone operator wants to capture. While it is seems simple enough, the art of photography and all of its rules (including the rule of thirds) is firmly applicable to this drone art form. And yes, you’ll have to do it while the drone is moving, let alone it is up above! Such kinds of art through this method often depict visual emblems representing surveillance, privacy issues, artificial intelligence and even remote warfare.

But why do these new art forms of drone art is getting more popular to all walks of life? It may be due to growing fondness of people on drones nowadays. Drones are everywhere right now. Even though they have been present for a long time and is mainly used for military surveillance, it is only recently that non-military people are using these drones for their own use. This may be the main reason why drone art has come alive recently due to this drone emergence. Art forms are naturally evolving and the kind of media is the one who is adapting.  Another reason why the emergence of drone art is such is due to the political and social relevance as it was used exclusively for military surveillances and drone art is a way to protest. On the other hand, drone art is also used for social studies, mainly researching for the responses of modern societies on the art that is formed through these drones.

Whatever the reason may be, Drone Art is here to stay. And human’s innate creative mind will always find a way to create art through these drones.