How Art Can Improve One's Office Space

Art is a wonderful thing that can serve as a motivation to anyone who sees it. It can inspire someone as long as it is showcased properly and what more when it comes to one’s office space?

You see not everything artistic is meant to be enclosed within the four walls of a room, most especially if that room is an office; you have to make sure that the work of art will blend right in and not stick out like a sore loser. The best advice we can give is to consider the kind of industry the office of choosing is in as there are art styles that compliment it.

Have no idea which one is which? Then worry no more because in this post, we will help you fully understand as well as give you a helping hand when it comes to finding the right kind of art to use in your office.


When abstract art comes to mind, most people will think of Jackson Pollock’s way of splashing colors because it is what most people are familiar with. As you can see, an action painting is a subcategory of abstract art which is also known as a gestural abstraction; it is the process of how the artist creates and the painting itself is the finished product of the said process. Its goal is to sync with the spectator’s subliminal self through the energetic style of painting. Usually, these are packed with raw emotion but do not represent anything which makes it just right for a company’s lobby or foyer.


This kind of art is great for office spaces that are located in majestic buildings that has history and heritage or a space with a classic and timeless architecture because this kind of art reawakens the complex artistry and skill of old and classical paintings that deals with realistic subject matters that are painted just like how the artist sees it. It can be of personal interest like intimate portraits to amazingly breathtaking landscapes. This kind of art emphasizes on realism, harmony and beauty.


This art is usually seen in tech startups or industries that focus on technology and innovation because these kinds of paintings serve as driving forces. Known to be minimal, clean and sleek, constructivist art has this functionality and pragmatism feel because it boasts clean-cut geometry that are uniquely formed together to create a futuristic technology feel.


If you are in a traditional kind of organization, it is best not to consider this kind of art because it is not meant for just any workplace. But the good news is that surrealist art has a vast range of pieces that can be used on all kinds of work settings. This genre is never frank and often has non-realistic fundamentals that goes from fantasy to faintly bewildering. Because of those traits, it now leaves the artwork open to interpretation because it urges the person who views it to make their own narrative so they can put some sense to it which is a great way to exercise creativity.


It is an artistic style where people have specific opinions on. That is why the word De Stijil means “The Style”. It consists of simple lines and primary colors only which leaves the art only with the basics that highly focuses on pure abstraction. Mondrian’s Composition paintings are one of the well-known examples of this kind. It has fewer distractions that is why it’s great as an office artwork.

Now that you know what you can do with your office, consider a short chit-chat with us so we can help you out.