Floy Ealy Edjole Announces The Launch of Her New Website – ‘Retrospektart.com’

Floy Ealy Edjole - a talented, skilled and highly creative artist, is pleased and excited to announce today the launch of her new site, which would serve as a platform to showcase and sell the artist’s original ‘art and prints’ online.

Located at www.retrospektart.com, this enviable website offers a series of original abstract artwork that Floy produced during the difficult period of her mother’s illness. It is noteworthy to mention that this independent company - RetroSpekt Art, was established by Floy Ealy Edjole in conjunction with her son, Chris Ealy.

‘Everything’ about the site is indeed an indication and a true reflection that Floy knows her onions when it comes to prints, and the beautiful world of arts generally. All lovers of colorful artworks would find this website as a one-stop resource for inspirational art and prints.

Before now, the website has been in a testing mode for a number of months. Now in a complete state, this newly designed website offers quick and easy access to essential information and paintings that are powerfully uplifting, thereby creating a lasting impact on all those who view them.

The website also has a comprehensive blog page that discusses highly informative content and shares stories behind Floy’s paintings. Some of her remarkable art and prints can be found on the following link - www.retrospektart.com/collections

“I am glad and absolutely delighted about the launch of my website. My art expresses a warmth; with vibrant colors, lines, shapes and texture that helps people to feel connected, happy and hopeful. These paintings embody the feeling that life is what you make of it.”

“These works are now available on my website. You can own both the original artworks themselves and giclee prints on museum quality paper to bring color and beauty into your home or workplace. RetroSpekt Art believes that you should have the privilege of owning inspirational artwork, no matter the size of your budget. I am happy, and I know my customers would be pleased with this opportunity to view and purchase my works on my website” said Floy Ealy Edjole.

About Floy Ealy Edjole

“The power of Floy’s creativity lies in her ability to channel pure, heartfelt human emotion into color.

So many people have already been touched by Floy’s paintings and the story they tell, that she felt compelled to share her works with the world via her newly launched website.”

To know more about Floy Ealy Edjole and RetroSpekt Art, visit - http://www.retrospektart.com